Business Transactions

Business Transactions

When it comes time to establish, organize, develop, sell, or close your business, the right legal advisor can give you piece of mind, as well as help you avoid costly mistakes. Regardless of your business type or size, Aaron Cook has the experience and knowledge to guide you. By listening and getting to know your specific needs, he can help you achieve your business goals. Aaron also has experience in drafting complex contracts and leases, helping to optimize the steps to reach your business goals.

Start-up or Investment

Aaron can help address a number of important questions about starting a business. Depending on the number of investors or partners, the approach to business organization and control will vary dramatically. Aaron has experience with forming a wide range of businesses, including small business with single owners, and large business with varied capital structures. He can help identify and select the right business entity among a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a corporation, a limited partnership, a partnership, or others. When multiple business principals or investors are involved at the outset of a business, Aaron strives to help clients avoid future disputes and liabilities by discussing buy-sell or buy-out arrangements.

Business Management

While a business operates, owners and officers should consider each relationship with partners/principals, employees, and customers. Structuring these relationships well at the outset can save substantial time, worry, and expense if disputes or conflicts arise. Aaron specifically helps with employee contracts, policies, and/or handbooks. He also assists clients with business minutes, resolutions, and decision-making. And for customers, Aaron can provide form contracts and informational documents that can clarify expectations, reduce complaints, and simplify disputes.

Business Purchase or Sale

Purchasing or selling a business can each bring specific important concerns because of opposite risks. Aaron has successfully served many business owners in varied industries through purchasing and selling their businesses. Purchasing or selling is usually a process, not an event, involving a solid contract, due diligence, and contract closing. Aaron has the experience to help business owners through each step with success and confidence.


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