Aaron Cook

Aaron Cook has 15 years of experience helping individuals and businesses with various transactions and financial matters.  These matters include trusts, wills, estates, bankruptcies, disputes, negotiations, and the purchase/sale of business and real estate.  He has specifically helped clients to organize businesses, structure investment, plan for death or disability, discharge or reduce insolvent debt, manage potential legal liabilities, settle disputes, buy or sell enterprises, and wind down or terminate operations.  Aaron serves as a managing member of the law firm and oversees its organization.

Aaron also participates in projects of public interest.  Currently, he is publishing information and corresponding with interested parties toward establishing term limits for members of the United States Congress.

Aaron’s clients and colleagues include people of all walks of life and of varied circumstances.  He enjoys serving all people, regardless of political persuasion, and whether they are individuals who are destitute, are of extensive wealth, or are in between.  His clients have included hotel operators, restaurateurs, real-estate developers and managers, machine manufacturers, labor unions, veterans’ organizations, churches, auto-body specialists, dance studios, nursing agencies, and many others.

Aaron is a graduate of Yale Law School and Brigham Young University.


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